Some tips on how to modernize day-to-day chores

Hey, are you tired of doing the same mundane chores the same way day after day? We at Shatay advise you to start using modern tech and gadgets to the fullest! You’d be surprised by how many tasks and activities can be made easier by changing the way you do them or what things you use. This online store deals in a wide range of modern gadgets, home goods and lots of other nifty and helpful products, so we can offer you some cool lifehacks that can change your life!

Let’s say you enjoy fruit — why not take eating healthy to a whole new level? Cooking and working in the kitchen can be a lot easier and more fun than you think! For example, at we offer little yet multifunctional USB-charged fruit blenders. Use it to make smoothies or baby food quickly and effortlessly!

Pet owners, we can offer you a lot of cool goods as well! Pet grooming, for example, can get pretty tiring and time-consuming. Not if you use modern pet grooming tools and gadgets! Using a pet grooming trimmer that is available for purchasing at Shatay for cutting and trimming your dog’s or cat’s fur is a lot better than using regular scissors and a comb.

Finally, let’s talk about something we can all relate to — losing stuff! Sometimes finding your car keys, your glasses or some other little thing can take hours, so wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to locate your small belongings quickly and precisely? Consider using smart Bluetooth trackers — tiny smart electronic accessories that allow you to locate anything you attach it to via geolocation services and Bluetooth connectivity. Make your smartphone a magic wand that can bring you whatever you need in seconds!

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