8 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Time For Household Chores

To unload your day to the maximum and do more than just household chores in your free time, it is worth resorting to some tricks. In this article, Shatay online store will share them with you.

Household chores are our daily routine. But there is an opportunity to reduce the time for their implementation and spend the saved minutes and hours on much more pleasant things.

1. Organize your storage system

Professional cleaners say that tidying up the room makes life a lot easier: cleaning will take up to 40% less of your time. Put things only in their places, use shelves, organizers, key holders, and hooks — with their help, small items will not be lost in the house and will always be at your fingertips. For large items, such as toys, you can use baskets, for example, this Cotton Rope Pet Toy Storage Basket. As per different little things — keys, scissors, earphones — they can be stored using Creative Shaped Storage Hook and alway be at hand.

2. Make a clear plan

Schedules can come in handy not only at work, but also at home. Plan clearly which day you will clean the kitchen and which day you will clean the bedroom. Get in the habit of throwing out the trash when you go to the store and wiping down the sink after washing before going to bed. These mini-tasks won’t take much of your time, but on weekends, cleaning will be faster than usual.

3. Use modern home appliances

Choose modern multifunctional household appliances: they help to effectively organize life and save our time. For example, 1800Pa 3-in-1 Smart Robot Vacuum will become an indispensable assistant in the house. It wipes up dust, purifies and sanitizes the surface, so you can enjoy a perfectly clean floor without any effort.

4. Do several things at once

While cleaning, you can feel like Julius Caesar doing several things at the same time. For example, start the dishwasher and washing machine, fill the plumbing with cleaning products (they take time to produce effect), and at this time wipe the dust and put things in their places.

5. Use professional cleaning of furniture and carpets

Many people know that a day (or maybe even a few hours) after wet cleaning, dust again settles on the surface of the furniture and on the floor. Therefore, it is worth regularly calling specialists for professional dry-cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets — this way you will have to do cleaning much less often.

6. Use household chemicals

Good quality detergents will quickly remove dirt. For example, for glass surfaces, use Defender™ Glass Cleaner which has a special composition: the glasses will be clean, without stains or streaks. Another great solution is Defender™ Multi-Surface Cleaner that is suitable for various materials. For plumbing, you will need a special detergent that will dissolve limescale and rust in a few minutes. And be sure to replace your regular dust rag with microfiber, such as Glass + Mirrors Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Microfiber captures more dust and retains it in itself.

7. Shop once a week

Try to make big purchases once a week. To do this, think over the menu for the week and make the necessary list of products. Thus, you do not have to run to the store after work before cooking every meal. Get a capacious bag, for example, Ergonomic Shopping Trolley, that can contain all your purchases.

Besides, it is very convenient to order products in an online store with door-to-door delivery: you don’t have to waste time on the way to the store, and you can place an order whenever it suits you.

8. Reduce your cooking time

You can save time in the future if you prepare some food immediately after going to the store: meat, vegetables and herbs can be cut and frozen. Also, during cooking, always set a timer: this way you do not have to constantly monitor the process and use time for other things. Different modern utensils, such as Quick Defrosting Tray, will also help to reduce time you spend in the kitchen.

All these and many other amazing products for home and garden can be found on shatay.com. Visit our online store and be ready to cope with daily tasks more effectively!

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