All Essentials for New Pet Owners

Having a pet is a blessing – these little creatures give us so much love and affection without actually expecting anything in return. But it’s our responsibility to make sure they live happy and long lives, and for that we need to stock up on many important products. If you’re only about to welcome a fluffy friend into your life, then this article is for you! Here you’ll find out about all essential products for pets! If you’re an experienced pet owner, you can also find something interesting in our selection of info, so read on!

Place to sleep and rest

Everyone should have their own place to sleep and rest, pets are no exception. You might notice that your four-legged friend still prefers couches and owner’s bed, but they still need to have an alternative. You need to choose a bed, a mat, or a house for your pet depending on their size and personality. For example, for big breeds of dogs it’s most commonly a large, not too soft mat, while smaller breeds prefer smaller beds with short walls (such as this Reversible Bed).

It’s always tricky to find what a cat likes, so we advise taking some time to get to know your pet’s habits. Generally, cats love enclosed places more (hence their love for carton boxes), so we recommend getting them a house. This Castle Cat Scratcher House is not only cute and comfy, but also useful as a scratcher.

Feeding and watering

Your pet’s diet is one of the most important things for their healthy life. You need to choose the right food and give it in right amounts at the right time. Regarding the food type, it’s better to consult with a vet, but we can help you with the amount bit! This Pet Food Measuring Spoon with LCD Display is convenient to hold and scoop food with, and what’s more important – it shows the weight of the food!

It’s also vital to choose high-quality bowls for your pets. They need to be made of non-toxic materials, so that the food wouldn’t get spoiled in them. You can also choose some more convenient options, such as this Non-Slip Cat Bowls with Raised Stand or even a Portable Foldable Pet Bowl.

As for watering, staying hydrated is essential for pets’ health. You need to make sure there’s always clean and fresh water in their bowls, as well as take some water for walks (for example, in this Portable Pet Water Bottle). This Automatic Outdoor Dog Water Fountain can also be of great use to you. Instead of stale water from a bowl, your pet gets fresh and running water in a form of a game – perfect for active pets!

Grooming and hygiene

There are many aspects of grooming and hygiene of your pets’ that you need to take care of. This includes washing your dog’s paws after a walk, giving your pet a regular bath, brushing and sometimes trimming their hair, clipping their nails, and even brushing their teeth. Here’s our selection of products that will be helpful for these activities:

Toilet habits

You should also take care of your pet’s call of nature. This includes cleaning your cat’s litter box and taking your dog for walks. For dog owners, we recommend this set of product:

  • Foldable Pooper Scooper – it’ll make the picking up process faster and less gross;
  • Poop Bags – the cute design of these bags will make the dirty business more casual
  • Dog Waste Bag Holder – a holder can be attached to the leash, making it very convenient to carry bags with you.

As for cat owners, there’s not much that you need. This Leakage-Proof Cat Littler Mat and this Portable Cat Litter Box are probably the only accessories you’ll need besides a regular litter box and a scooper.

These are the most essential products for pet care, but of course there’s a lot more that you need to get. Browse this page to find other great pet supplies!

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