Top 10 Must-Haves For Dog Owners

So you have got a dog. That’s great! This is an exciting time for you, but it’s also an important time. You want to set your new dog up for success in transitioning into his or her new home. One way to ease the stress is by having the right tools on hand. We’ve put together our top ten list of must-have, essential dog items that can make your first two weeks a joy instead of a pet disaster.


First thing’s first, your pup is going to need a collar! If you adopt from a rescue or a breeder, they may give you a collar, but chances are you’re going to want one that suits your personal tastes. When shopping for a dog collar, it’s best to select one that’s the right size for your dog.

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A harness used in combination with your leash keeps your dog under control on walks and around town. A harness puts gentle pressure on your dog’s chest, instead of their neck, to in some cases, instantly stop pulling.

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Your new dog will need at least one food and one water bowl. You may want to get two of each so you can switch them out when you clean them. We recommend stainless steel bowls because they are sanitary and easy to clean. Throw them in the dishwasher after mealtime. Remember to clean your dog’s bowls daily.

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Don’t forget the toys! Every dog needs toys to play with. We recommend getting at least one food dispensing toy. A food dispensing toy gives your dog a job and can entertain a dog while you’ve got company or you have to leave.

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A super-soft dog bed because your dog deserves to be spoiled too! This dog bed from Shatay is extra comforting, its micro plush cloud fabric keeps your pet warm. What’s more, to invert, providing a fresh, clean, and fluffy resting spot that alleviates pressure on sensitive joints.

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Water bottle

If you’ve ever gone hiking with your pooch, you know it’s important to bring enough water for both of you, and if you don’t want to share your own water bottle, you’ll love this product. This portable water bottle and bowl in one is incredibly handy, as you can squeeze water up into the bowl for your dog to lap up.

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Pet Paw Cleaner

A paw cleaner will ensure that your floors aren’t covered in muddy footprints after letting your dog inside. Inside the container are soft bristles that lift dirt and grime from the pads of your pup’s feet — all you need to do is add water.

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Dog Car Seat Cover

Imagine, a car that wasn’t covered in dog hair and muddy paw prints? This clever pet seat cover is made from a durable waterproof material that protects your vehicle from fur and shedding, mud, dirt, scratches, and chewing.

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Grooming Supplies

Your dog will need to be groomed and learn how to behave during the process. His coat will need regular washing, combing, and brushing. This glove will help you with this problem. Thanks to this magic tool you can take care of your dog even at home.

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Dog toothbrush

A pet parent needs to pay attention to a dog’s oral care. In the absence of dental hygiene, the canine may develop foul breath, gingivitis, tooth pain, and in extreme cases periodontal gum disease that can result in tooth loss. Oral grooming must include regular brushing.

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What would you add to this list?

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