Stand out and stay modern without spending a fortune

Kaia Stephenson — 1 hour 12 minutes ago

Hey, are you looking for new and exciting ways to personalize your look and stay up-to-date with modern tech? Then this smart LED backpack is exactly what you need! Bags and fashionable accessories have never been so advanced and capable.

Forget about struggling to find the perfect backpack with the design and colors that fit your personal preferences — the LED on this thing is at your service. Whatever you’d like to have projected onto your backpack, you can have it.

Feeling like spicing things up all of a sudden? Changing your outfit has never been easier than with our LED backpacks. Just use a new image of any kind, and you’re all set!

One power source (a power bank, to be more specific) and a smartphone with the necessary app is all you need for operating the backpack’s display.

All kinds of text messages or different visuals and images can be used with this LED backpack. Let your creativity loose and experiment with different styles!

Children will perhaps love this backpack more than anybody else. After all, every kid needs a backpack for school and other activities, and who doesn’t enjoy playing around than kids, right?

Of course, this isn’t just a fancy toy — this backpack is a perfect bag for everyday use for work, study or even occasional hikes. The dimensions and compartments suit modern requirements for a backpack, and only high-quality materials and fabrics are used in making our smart LED backpacks.

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  • Make it look exactly as you want it to
  • Powering up and controls are easy
  • Any image you want — on your back
  • A perfect toy for kids
  • The highest possible quality for a backpack
  • Different moods — different images
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  • Justin Carpenter
    11 Apr 2022
    It came fast. All right
  • Benjamin Robertson
    11 Apr 2022
    This was a gift for my nephew who is 16. He loved it. It is very bright and has a high quality display of LEDs.
  • Victoria Black
    11 Apr 2022
    Amazing. Showed the ad to my family and friends and they said it’s stupid. Now that it arrived, everyone loves it lmao it is bright lights and you can adjust it.
  • Johnny Holmes
    10 Apr 2022
    Can’t speak on the durability of the bag yet. Only been in use for a week. But seems like a well built bag that will last the school year. Display is very cool and my son loves being able to change the screen.
  • Kevin Daniels
    10 Apr 2022
    This is amazingly fun and cool! The only reason it lost a star was it is small. BARELY fit me which means it doesn’t really fit with stuff in it. The same people have another bag that is a bit larger, but this bag is still amazingly fun
  • Roger Elliott
    10 Apr 2022
    This is an awesome backpack, lots of room and great display. It does need a power bank so make sure you have one.
  • Adam May
    10 Apr 2022
    it’s super cool !! everybody surprised me once i set it. very fun!
  • Tammy Little
    10 Apr 2022
    The backpack is amazing
  • Megan Spencer
    10 Apr 2022
    My son absolutely loves this bag, he takes it everywhere when he is riding his motorcycle.
  • Terry Bradley
    10 Apr 2022
    Amazing product I bought this almost a year ago and have worn it nearly every day its spacious inside and very easy to adjust the outside display. However It does NOT come with a power source you should buy it with a portable USB Charger. Also as one may expect. It doesn’t handle rough travel well (tossing dropping or throwing the bag) the wires may short out.
  • Jonathan Lynch
    10 Apr 2022
    One needs to carry a energy pack with u in order for this to work..
  • Marilyn Hernandez
    10 Apr 2022
    Super bright,
  • John Holmes
    10 Apr 2022
    Great visual quality of display.
  • David Tran
    10 Apr 2022
    Product is just as described. Been having a lot of fun with this backpack and I get so many likes wherever I go!
  • Howard Franklin
    10 Apr 2022
    It’s great for giving out a message and grabbing everyone’s attention.
  • Ruth Collins
    10 Apr 2022
    I admit this is the best backpack so far !
  • Janice Carlson
    10 Apr 2022
    My nephew loves the gift.
  • Hannah Jimenez
    10 Apr 2022
    This bag is so much fun.
  • Mildred Harris
    10 Apr 2022
    The bag is actually good quality (above what I expected)
  • Julie Garza
    10 Apr 2022
    This bag is bright, which means it will help stay visible at night, if you’re cycling.
  • Teresa Lucas
    10 Apr 2022
    For such price I cannot demand more
  • Janice McDonald
    10 Apr 2022
    This has a great display and is comfortable. However, the software/firmware is still a difficult to use. You can setup a number of displays to run through but I haven’t been able to delete just one. I have to clear all of them and then rebuild everything I want.
  • Austin Sanders
    10 Apr 2022
    My 3rd grader is the only one around with this backpack. He is SO happy
  • Jerry Schultz
    10 Apr 2022
    As advertised.
  • Megan Hawkins
    10 Apr 2022
    I’m super picky about bags. And have a variety for a different purpose. This one is my favorite.

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