Treat your feet right with amazing massages

Thelma Sims — 5 hours 17 minutes ago

These days more and more people tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle, but it’s not all of us. If staying on your feet for a long time is what you have to do, consider yourself lucky — we’ve got just the perfect thing for you. Our EMS foot massager will alleviate any feet-related issue!

The device uses electrical muscle stimulation and acupressure capabilities to provide relief to your feet. It’s quicker and easier than getting a regular hand massage — the results are quick and impressive.

The massager is small and intuitive enough to be able to use it at home, at work in your office or in a break room. Put it on the floor or under the dest and get started in minutes!

The gadget has several pre-programmed modes of massage and many options to play with. Pick the perfect setting according to your preferences and how bad your feet pain is.

The control pad is ergonomic and easy-to-use — focus on the massage without struggling with the controls. The manual is provided, of course, but everything is almost self-explanatory.

The control pad is ergonomic and easy-to-use — focus on the massage without struggling with the controls. The manual is provided, of course, but everything is almost self-explanatory.

Obviously, it’s an electronic gadget that employs EMS, so basic precautions should be followed. On the other hand, pretty much everybody can get the hang of it and get the best out of our EMS foot massagers in a safe manner.

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  • Modern technology to the rescue
  • Use it wherever and whenever you need to
  • Intuitive controls
  • Follow all the guidelines and precautions easily
  • It’s both healthy and enjoyable
  • Numerous modes to choose from
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  • Johnny Hamilton
    12 Apr 2022
    I just received it and I already tried it, I think it does a very effective massage job. It’s amazing!
  • Ann Hill
    12 Apr 2022
    My feet were hurting after cooking all day and when I received this in the afternoon, I figure I’ll give it a quick try if I can figure out how to operate. I took it out of the packaging and figured out how to use instinctively without even reviewing the instructions book and felt relief instantly. The instruction book is good and provides clear instructions. Intensity levels are very good and start at a low intensity for a new user and can go to high level for someone who is used to EMS. Highly recommend, love the fold and store feature, very good sturdy design to out on the electronic piece. Good auto shut-off feature after some time and good safety/battery conserve feature that the machine turns off if you remove your feet.
  • Bobby Palmer
    11 Apr 2022
    What I love the most about this Electric foot stimulator massager – that it doesn’t take any space! It can be folded and put away on the shelf or inside drawer. Easy to start using, and easy operating different levels. It’s unlike any other foot massager, it stimulates your foot muscles, which feels strange in the beginning and then it feels nice and relaxing. Great price for this compact massager.
  • Mary Estrada
    10 Apr 2022
    Was unaware there were products for feet. Works good, I think gel would help. Gonna try it out. If it works this gets better.
  • Charles Mills
    10 Apr 2022
    I am happy with this EMS electric food stimulator. It’s so easy to read the instructions and easy to use. Remote control is simple to use. It has several different levels for intensity which is the great feature. I have to stand 12 hours at work. This EMS helps relax muscles on my foot. I feel great and awesome. It worths the money
  • Margaret Mitchell
    10 Apr 2022
    t is almost like a TENS unit for your feet. It really helps in relieving sore tired muscles. It is great because it is foldable and can be taken with you. Has different intensities to choose from, So you can pick which level is best for your pain. I would recommend using this product!
  • Grace Berry
    10 Apr 2022
    At first I could not see and feel the changes, but after the third day I could gradually feel the changes. It not only relaxes the legs but also your whole body remains soothed. You might not see anything for the first 2-3 days, but you will start seeing the notable changes after that. Definitely recommended.
  • Stephanie Contreras
    10 Apr 2022
    Everything is fine, delivery fast, quality on top
  • Rebecca Murphy
    9 Apr 2022
    It generates electric pulses .. feels amazing after a long day
  • Lawrence Fowler
    9 Apr 2022
    One I got used to it, I actually started to feel the difference. So it works.
  • John Beck
    9 Apr 2022
    Budget from a reputable store? This is perfect!
  • Austin Obrien
    9 Apr 2022
    What I liked: Light weight, Compact, very portable. Worked very well. I use it to relax my toes, ankle, feet and calves. I am so impressed with this device and how well it worked for the price.
  • Nathan Meyer
    9 Apr 2022
    I found this very easy to use and just 15 seconds morning and evening have helped immensely with my foot circulation and arthritis. Flat, slips under by the bed.
  • Bobby Carpenter
    9 Apr 2022
    You only need two AAA batteries for the remote control, it’s very easy to use, very practical to take with you anywhere, perfect size
  • Philip Smith
    8 Apr 2022
    super nice item! my roommate is delighted with my new massager
  • Patricia Carr
    8 Apr 2022
    I’ve been standing a lot with wfh. So it’s very convenience that I just stand on the pad for 20 minutes each day. The pad is comfortable to stand on too
  • Gregory Robertson
    8 Apr 2022
    would be great if the mat was larger, can’t stand on it wearing fuzzy socks.
  • Carl Hanson
    8 Apr 2022
    Adore this massager. Thanks to the store!
  • Gregory Sandoval
    8 Apr 2022
    It is a little weird the sensation i used in my hand first and then then in my foot. It definitely stimulates your foot and also helps with the pain.
  • Danielle Barnett
    8 Apr 2022
    Everything is fine, advise this to everybody
  • Thomas Jimenez
    8 Apr 2022
    This product may have performed better if I used a better quality TENS Unit; one that actually has enough power. The pad ids only as god as the TENS Unit
  • Denise Gray
    8 Apr 2022
    I gave it to my grandma and she is so happy. It is so easy to read the instructivo S and easy to use. Remote control is simple to use. This EMS helps relax muscles on her foot. It has different levels for intensity which is the great feature. It is really good.
  • Jane Walters
    7 Apr 2022
    This massager is a different kind which gives out low frequency pulses and vibrations. It feels very relaxed after massage. Foldable and comes with remote. Very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Frances Griffin
    6 Apr 2022
    This massager is easy to use. I like that it’s battery powered, so it’s portable and with no cord. Note that It is different from a physical massager.
  • Frances Adams
    5 Apr 2022
    good quality of my new foot massager. i was a bit worried but it’s fine.

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