What Makes Chic Fashion Style

There are many fashion styles, each as interesting as the other. Chic is arguably one of the most sophisticated styles. Actually, the word itself – chic – denoted stylishness and elegance. This style is not loud, but it still makes a statement. It involves mostly blacks, whites, and some other subtle colors.

Main features of chic style

Chic fashion presupposes wearing monochromatic pieces with clean lines. The clothes are generally closer to the formal style, but not quite. They include loose shirts and trousers, long coats, mid-length dresses and skirts. No open shoulders or to revealing cuts, but deep V-neck lines are acceptable.

The colors include all shades of black and white, gray, and other neutrals. As for materials – nothing sparkly, but a bit of shining is welcomed in some pieces. Choose cotton, linen, silk, satin, faux leather, and similar fabrics.

Accessories serve to make an accent on the monochromatic outfit. Red lipstick, leather bag, chunky belt, pointed toe pumps, etc. The jewelry, however, is more often minimalist.

Examples of garments and accessories

If you want to fill your wardrobe with pieces that fit chic style, here are some great suggestions for you!



Other pieces

These items can serve as a base of your chic closet, as well as inspiration. Don’t forget about the color scheme, silhouettes, and materials used in this fashion, and look for the pieces yourself! Here you can find a rich selection of clothing, handbags, and jewelry to create the most stunning look.

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