Latest Trends in Dresses

A dress is a nice garment for many occasions: from light summer walk to a fancy dinner. It’s good to have dresses of different styles in your wardrobe, but it’s even better to have some that correspond to the latest trends! After all, fashion is needed to impress. Here is a selection of the most recent trends in dress fashion, take note!

Maxi Bodycon Dress

The dress should be simple, single color, the important aspect is the silhouette. Tight bodycon dress accentuates your breasts and bottoms, but it doesn’t seem too revealing. And that’s why it’s better to choose a maxi length; mini would be extra. Accessorize with a minimalist necklace and bracelet to highlight your neck and hands.

Here are two great bodycon dresses for you:

You can also try a One Shoulder Sleeveless Bodycon Dress – it combines two trends in one.

Midi Mermaid Dress

Mermaid dress has a unique silhouette, but unfortunately it can make your legs look short if it’s too long. Midi length, however, acts the opposite – it elongates your legs and compliments your thighs. This is a great design to wear to appear elegant but not strict. By experimenting with colors, you can also change the mood. From loud red to tender lavender, this mermaid dress has many options.

Long Sleeved Crew Neck Dress

From a close-to-the-body silhouette to a less revealing one, this season’s trends are rich in contrast. Suitable for a formal, sophisticated event, this dress can also be worn on a date. We recommend selecting a white color to appear less strict.

Asymmetrical Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses don’t have much to offer if they look like a regular – but long – shirt. However, if you play with design a bit, you will get amazing results. This Asymmetrical Long Shirt Dress is unique and stunning.

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