Say goodbye to your sore neck once and for all

Janis Ballard — 4 hours 27 minutes ago

Modern lifestyle tends to be sedentary, which can cause a whole lot of health problems. Back pains and pains in the neck are incredibly common these days. To help you deal with these issues effectively, we’re selling modern intelligent neck massagers — you’re going to love having one of these at hand!

The massager is incredibly quick and effective: it turns on and heats up in sheer seconds, and you’ll feel pain alleviating after only 15 minutes of use. A truly perfect solution for the modern pace of life!

The device has 15 different strength settings and 3 modes. Depending on your preferences and health needs, choose whatever suits you best for maximum results and no harm being done.

Just take a look at this gadget — it even looks gorgeous! Its futuristic design is matched by how light and easy-to-wear it is. You might even forget it’s on your neck working on your pain while you’re wearing it!

There’s even more in terms of looks and design — you’re welcome to order this intelligent neck massager in blue, pink or white. Who says it can’t serve as a nice accessory as well?

Have we mentioned that it’s also wireless? Simply charge it via the built-in USB port (the cable goes with the device when purchased), and you’re good to go. Thus there are no restrictions in movement while you’re using the massager — there are no cumbersome cables attached!

The device doesn’t just massage your neck — it provides warmth as well. Don’t use towels — enjoy modern heat therapy!

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  • Feel the results in a matter of minutes
  • Select from a whole myriad of settings
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Charging is intuitive
  • It’s not just about massaging
  • Several color schemes to choose from
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  • Sara Chen
    16 Mar 2022
    Great price massager! I use a computer a lot, so I have started using it on a computer sitting in a chair, which provides deep massage to my back and reduces tension. Any pulse massager will produce a slight pain at the beginning of use. The feeling of being charged varies from person to person but it is safe to use. After each massage, I feel very relaxed. The build quality is strong and the value for money surprised me. It will be a perfect gift for those who complain of neck soreness. All in all, an excellent product. Definitely recommend!
  • Jesse Bell
    16 Mar 2022
    Been working from home for several months due to COVID-19 and without proper seating setup as what I have at work, I started to have issue with my neck.. came across this when searching for gadget to relief neck pain. The item came partially charged and I was able to used it right away and liked it within first few minutes. 🙂 this massager is very light weight and just comfortably sitting on my neck. As far as actual massage goes, it’s great with 3 different modes and several intensity to choose from. Recommended
  • Daniel Bishop
    16 Mar 2022
    The neck massager works great for my mom. My mom always have neck problem and she got pains all the time with her neck, so I decided to buy the neck massager as a gift for her. She loves the massager and she said it really release her pain after only one time use. There are 3 treatments in 15 minutes, but they are very effective and there is heat option. Also, my mom said she can control the strength of the pulses, so it wouldn’t be too hard sometimes and it is very convenient too. Overall, the massager is worth of 5 stars
  • Stephanie Burke
    15 Mar 2022
    Oh how we really love this neck massager! The whole family! Husband and I work a ton in front of the computer and our neck always gets so stiff and sore. We just love putting this massager on our neck while watching TV in the night. It did feel a little weird first time though. Just be careful not to put it on high first if you don’t know how strong you can take because it may create involuntary muscle spasm while using it. It’s such a weird feeling! Lol! Father had shoulder surgery and he loves it too. I’m thinking about getting one for him as Christmas gift.
  • Danielle Gutierrez
    14 Mar 2022
    Purchased for a stiff neck awaiting medical review. Works well once the instructions are carefully understood. The heat feature is nice. The different modes are difficult to discern which once is operating but still the gadget is great!
  • Crystal Crawford
    14 Mar 2022
    For the price it’s not bad. It has good power. And seems to do the job. The beeper when you change speeds is loud and annoying. Other than that seems to be ok.
  • Jessica Hansen
    13 Mar 2022
    Good product, everything is fine. I like the feeling when turn massager on, relaxing. Arrived in 10days that is super fast! Recommended!
  • Alan Wagner
    13 Mar 2022
    Constantly plagued by neck muscle pain. Hate to be tied to a heating pad and electric outlet. This is the best solution to comfort and maneuverability. Fifteen minutes of this therapy and my neck pain diminished to near zero and full mobility to turn my head was restored. Love this product – it was definitely worth the money. Highly recommend.
  • Bruce Spencer
    13 Mar 2022
    I though I received a broken product. However, I just misused it. First of all, I need to gently wet my neck area before putting on the massager. Then, push the start button. I feel comfortable to use this neck massager, and it feels like electricity flows through my neck, relaxing my neck muscles. This neck massager has a U-shaped design, which can fit almost everyone’s neck. And come with a remote that can control 15 different power levels and 3 different massage models. Most important, it comes with a heating mode. I like it white color. I like it light. I like it comes with soft cushion. I like it easy to use. I like it can relief my neck pain. The overall quality is good. I really like it.
  • Ruth Myers
    13 Mar 2022
    The massager is good! I liked it! immediately turned on a strong mode because such procedures did constantly in the hospital, After 15 min, the signal paged and turned off!!!! I liked everything very much. I recommend to buy a massager and store as it pleases both the goods and delivery. The remote is very convenient! Thank you so much!!!!
  • Kimberly Reynolds
    13 Mar 2022
    Love everything about this product! Helps to relax my muscles in my neck and shoulders.
  • Harry Gray
    13 Mar 2022
    This little gadget took a little getting used to at first but after my second use, it felt wonderful. Fits comfortably around my neck and the heating function feels amazing. Simple operation and the instructions were easy to read. The beep sound is loud so I can be sure that I can hear the modes changing or the unit turning off. The auto shut off after 15 minutes was a nice touch as well. Small and low profile makes this easy to take with me when I am traveling.
  • Dylan Knight
    12 Mar 2022
    AMAZING! This neck massager is very good quality and does a great job relaxing the neck and shoulders. It warms up very quickly and is easy to control the strength of the pulses. I HIGHLY recommend the store who did a great job communicating and did a great job with the packaging. Try it out, it’s definitely worth every penny 🙂
  • Teresa Ray
    12 Mar 2022
    Saw on Instagram an add about this product, bought one, has been delivered faster than thought and it works great. Even my mother who has cervical pain it helped her to relieve her pain. Recommend store and product.
  • Pamela Spencer
    12 Mar 2022
    Fast shipping and product is as advertised. Just like a tens unit but without the cords and sticky pads. Really helps my neck pain!
  • Vincent Brown
    12 Mar 2022
    The product looks exactely like the description and the pictures! Very nice soft touch. Works perfectly fine.
  • Austin Garrett
    12 Mar 2022
    It’s very nice packed and quality looks very good. I tried it. It works also good.
  • Margaret Murphy
    12 Mar 2022
    Came very quickly, in two weeks. Everything works. Heats and massage current discharge. Well sits on the neck. Pleasant sensations, helps to relax the neck. Thank you!
  • Eugene Weber
    12 Mar 2022
    It’s all working. the whole family likes it. Happy with the purchase. Thank you
  • Matthew Chavez
    12 Mar 2022
    Great product. Everything works like in the description. I am so glad I ordered this! Really helps with my neck stiff neck and neck pain. Highly recommended!
  • Jacob Delgado
    11 Mar 2022
    Nice portable tense machine, two factors kept this from a 5 start review. 1) it comes with a remote and without the remote the device no longer works. There are no buttons on the device itself other than the power button. 2) the pulsing settings are too simple and only allow you to change the intensity. If you could change the pulse pattern this device would be a lot better. I find my neck loosening up with one pattern only to feeling slight pain with the pattern change.
  • Raymond Adams
    10 Mar 2022
    The appearance of massage instrument is delicate and compact, simple and easy to operate, it is very easy to get started, charging is also very fast, and there are a lot of gears, suitable for different types, specially bought for the wife, she likes it very much, its is used in the office at ordinary times, and it is alleviated to some extent after two times. Tell me about the feeling. It’s a really good massager. It’s comfortable after use and of good quality.
  • Mark Watson
    9 Mar 2022
    Bought this for my sister whose job entails physical labor. Many nights she’d come home from work with sore neck and shoulders. She was skeptical anything would help and was excited to find this did. She’s been a regular user (2-3 times at least per week) and is very pleased. Easy to use – the vibration and heat relax neck and shoulders enabling sleep. Would recommend this without hesitation.
  • Catherine Salazar
    9 Mar 2022
    I’ve had headaches and a tense neck for a long time so I want to try this neck massager. Looks like a lot of people are recommending it. After several uses, I think I did have a big relief and I’m sleeping better at nights. I like that it’s portable so I can still walk around while using it and don’t have to sit still at the same place near the power outlet. There are 3 different massage modes and 15 levels. I think level 3 is already strong enough for me. The remote control is separated from the massager, I know some of these massagers don’t have a separate remote control, I’m not sure which one is better. I guess having a separate controller is more convenient because you can see what buttons you are pressing but there might be a risk of losing the controller because it’s small. The heat mode is also amazing. I’m really glad that I’ve bought this.
  • Jerry Tucker
    9 Mar 2022
    Seems to work great! The family likes it. Just hard to position with the muscles in your neck to your shoulder. Stays upward a bit and I wish it did not. The heat part is very nice. Relaxing!

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