Bring your storage space to a whole new level

Loretta Cunningham — 4 hours 13 minutes ago

Have you thought about improving your garage? Or any storage area that needs proper lighting, basically. We’ve got the right solution for you! Introducing to you 360-degree triple garage lights at a more than affordable price.

The whole configuration is designed for maximum illumination and coverage of any space. When we say 360 degrees, we mean it! Even one properly installed light can provide all-encompassing illumination for a pretty big garage or some other poorly-lit area.

Different spaces require different lighting setups, of course, and our triple garage lights are pretty universal in that regard. Adjustable 90-degree LED panels enable you to be pretty versatile when it comes to indoor illumination. Set the light up exactly the way you need to for maximum results!

If you have a car, you probably want to show it off in the best possible light, so to speak. Our garage lights are made exactly for that! Your vehicle will look amazing under this effective lighting gear — customize the angles depending on what car and storage space you’ve got.

LED lights tend to cost less, as they’re more energy-efficient. So, install these lights wherever you need them instead of old-fashioned light bulbs and save money on your electricity bills.

Who said that only car owner can use these lights? Any storage area, gym or other indoor space can benefit from our lighting equipment. Whatever you need properly illuminated, we can provide!

Hey, these triple lights even look cool, don’t you agree? So, you get a modern and effective lighting solution that can also server as a nice piece of décor and interior design.

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  • Light and brightness all around
  • A perfect solution for garages
  • Get more light while saving money
  • Sleek design
  • It’s not just for your garage
  • It’s adjustable
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  • Judith Anderson
    15 Mar 2022
    This system is an excellent alternative to the conventional bulb and saved me significant cost as I had been considering installing additional lights and would have had to contract an electrician. With this system all I had to do was screw it in like a conventional bulb and now I have a nicely lighted garage
  • Kyle McCoy
    10 Mar 2022
    We love this light! It lights up our garage better than any of the other traditional bulbs and we tried several different kinds, soft, cool, daylight. They were brought but area that they actually light up is small. This light is adjustable so the range is better.
  • Willie Morris
    9 Mar 2022
    My husband ordered this for the garage and I was surprised when it came and was so small. But it is SO BRIGHT! Works great and he had working in a matter of a couple minutes.
  • Susan McDonald
    7 Mar 2022
    Look I am Biased, I like Lights that Are Super Bright in My Garage. This Lights Up my Garage so that I can easily and comfortably have a Good view and actually work in my garage. Very Bright, did I say that already? Anyway, even better, its Very Adjustable. The three fins rotate and can be moved to face any direction so that the light is useful to You, because it’s exactly where you want it. relatively heavy and good quality. If you care about your lighting, this is for you!
  • Maria Parker
    6 Mar 2022
    Received my light yesterday and was happy that it worked since I recently had to mail back another light like this from a different company. I like being able to adjust the three lights up and down to direct the light flow. I have a one car garage so this light does the trick and makes the garage very bright! I hope that the light continues to work later down the road!
  • Megan Hawkins
    6 Mar 2022
    These lights are bright! Perfect for my garage and lightened up the whole room compared to what it was. Only complaint was one of my first orders had one of the three LED panels that was DOA but the store was very quick to send a replacement. Very worth the buy and make working in garage so much easier to see.
  • Denise Larson
    6 Mar 2022
    This LED garage light is AWESOME! All you need to do is to install it into a bulb socket (or whatever it’s called). The lights are super bright and the angle is adjustable. I like that each of the three lights can be adjusted independent of each other, so if you have 3 different things at different heights/areas of a room that you’d like to light up, this light allows you to do so. The lights are super bright so I recommend not looking directly at the lights or else you’ll get retina burn.. take my word for it! My family likes to go camping and we always go to campgrounds that’s have electricity. We usually bring a lamp. I’m thinking I’ll replace the lamp bulb with this LED light to illuminate our campgrounds very easily. Cannot wait!
  • Carl Ross
    5 Mar 2022
    This is an amazing light. It brightens up my garage like if it was daylight. I bought this for the garage in my cottage, but decided to try it out at my condo. Since i didn’t have a ceiling socket (only have a 3 foot neon), i tried putting it in place of the garage door opener bulb. I removed the bulb cover of the opener and screwed in the new light. The directionnal adjustable panels allow you to send the light where needed. This so bright that after it’s on, turning the neon light on doesn’t even make a difference. I’m going to have to leave this there and buy a second one for my cottage…
  • Joan Kim
    5 Mar 2022
    Super easy to install once the light bulb socket is in place. I replaced 3 4 foot fluorescent bulbs with this little unit. It puts out more light and a brighter white that the F bulbs. The 3 light panels can be tilted for ray direction. The only way to position the panels is to rotate the light, meaning it may not be secured tight in threads. I think that’s okay. For the money it’s a great light. I will probably replace my other fluorescent fixture in time.
  • Anthony Patel
    5 Mar 2022
    We have an older home with one sad little light bulb hanging in the garage. We used to find things in the garage by stumbling over them or feeling around in the general area where we saw them last. But we replaced the sad little light bulb with this light and at night our garage is lit up like daylight with the garage door is up. This is one gadget that works!
  • Ronald Morris
    2 Mar 2022
    This light is very bright (as other reviewers have stated) and has very good coverage. I put these in my garage and am very pleased with them now. It did take a while to get used to how white the light is that these give off but now I don’t even notice it. Great product!

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