Baby in the Car: Checklist of Essentials

There are many reasons why you need to take your little boy or girl with you in the car. Whether it’s visiting family and friends together, attending a doctor, or going for a trip, you need to make sure that your car has all the necessary accessories to keep your baby safe and comfortable in it. And unfortunately for your wallet, car manufacturers don’t include anything for little passengers. If you don’t know what to start with in preparing your vehicle – start with this checklist of essentials for babies in the car!

Seating and safety

First, is of course to get your baby their own car seat. When choosing one, make sure to get the right one for your baby’s age and height. The seat should also be easy to install and comfortable to sit in. And of course, it should be safe for a baby to stay on during the ride.

However, this aspect doesn’t end on the seat only. You should also get some accessories for it to increase your child’s safety. One of them is a seat belt. You need to choose the right one for your baby’s seat, so that it would provide even more safety during the ride. We recommend this Universal Five-Point Baby Car Seat Belt. It ensures a strong hold even on the bumpiest of roads, while still remaining smooth and comfortable for the little passengers. What’s even better about this seatbelt, is that it’s easy to install and highly adjustable – you can use it even when your baby grows!

It’s also important to make sure your baby’s head remains in the right position. Some turns may be too sharp, which can scare your kid or even lead to injuries. Which is we advise getting a Baby Car Seat Head Support Band – it holds your child’s head in a safe and comfortable position throughout the whole ride. It’s made of very soft and pleasant-to-the-touch material, which doesn’t cause any inconvenience for your baby.

And our final recommendation regarding the seating is this Infant to Toddler Head and Body Support. This product completely ensures that your baby sits in their seat in a safe and comfortable bay. It adds a nice cozy feeling, which also helps your kid sleep better in the car.

Feeding and pacifiers

If you expect a long ride, you also need to make sure that your baby doesn’t stay hungry. There are many great baby bottles available on the market, but not all of them will suit feeding on the go. This Baby Feeding Bottle, however, holds the liquid securely not allowing any spills. Moreover, its shape is perfect for babies since it’s done to mimic a mother’s breast.

Pacifiers are also a must for the car ride, but you shouldn’t just take a regular one for it. Your baby might drop the pacifier on the floor, and then it can’t be used anymore. This is why you need to think ahead and get this Baby Pacifier Clips.  You can easily attach the clip to your kid’s clothes and prevent the pacifier from falling on the floor – a perfect product for car rides!


Finally, we got to a trickier part. Changing your baby’s diapers is a rather difficult task when you’re away from home, not to mention in the car. But with the right products, you will be just fine! First, we want to suggest you getting this Diaper Changing Kit – a true must-have. It has several compartments to fit all essentials and is easy to clean. Moreover, soft material and cushion-like design makes it very comfortable for your baby, and it’s just convenient to use for changing diapers!

You can choose what products to put into this kit yourself, but we still want to recommend one in particular that we think will be of great use to you. This Baby Bottom Buddy Diaper Cream Applicator is definitely a must-have. It makes it possible to apply cream anywhere, anytime. Its soft bristles are effective in gently applying the cream – no more worries about accidentally scratching your baby with your nails. Moreover, this applicator is leakproof, which will keep your bag safe from spillage.

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