3 Best Fabrics for Sleepwear

Quality of sleep depends not only on the softness of your pillows and comfort of your bed, but also on what you’re wearing. Harsh fabrics might be itchy and scratchy, causing irritation and resulting in problems in falling asleep. If you want to be sure your sleep won’t be interrupted due to poor sleepwear, make sure you’re wearing some of these fabrics!

Lightweight cotton

Cotton is one of the most common clothes materials, and not without a reason. It is soft to the touch and breathable, as well as it remains cool to your skin, which is very important for warm nights. This is a durable and comfortable fabric, although it might appear plain. However, there’s a great variety of designs available, and you can easily find interesting pieces, such as this floral pajama set.


Similar to cotton, linen is another popular option. This fabric is also soft and breathable, but with comfort it adds a more elegant look as well. Though it’s more expensive than cotton due to this fact. But don’t worry about the price; as durable as linen is, the purchase will be a great investment as it will serve you long. The only downside of linen is that it wrinkles easily, but when your sleepwear this gorgeous linen texture, who minds?


The most luxurious fabric there is – silk. Once you put on a nice silk robe or nightgown, you are sure to feel like a princess. And even if we don’t take into consideration its absolutely stunning look, silk definitely has what to offer. This fabric possesses hypoallergenic quality and feels soft on your skin although it’s very strong. Moreover, silk is highly breathable and thermoregulating, but keep in mind – all these great qualities also increase the price.

All these three fabrics have some advantages and downsides, so the choice is yours.

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