10 Products That Will Make Your Pet Happier & Your Life Easier

“You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.” We all know this quote from The Little Prince, although many pet owners tend to forget what it means. You need to provide shelter, food, and comfort for your furry friends, but there’s much more to that. If you want to become the most thoughtful owner, you will need some special items, too. In this selection we offer you absolute must-haves for pet owners, check them out!

Pet Bowl

Of course, you need to feed your pet special food according to their health and needs, as well as do it at the right time and in the right amounts. Yet what’s also important is the bowl you use for food and water. It should be made of safe materials that don’t poison the food/water, as well as be comfortable for the pet to eat/drink from. This ceramic bowl is ideal for that! Perfectly safe, convenient, and easy to clean.

Pet Leash

Speaking of walking your pet… The comfort of your little friend highly depends on what equipment you use. The leash should be of appropriate length. This one will be perfect for any dog, as you can choose among the sizes and retract the leash as you need. Moreover, it’s strong enough for even the most active of dogs, yet still soft to be comfortable for them!

Pet Collar

There are essentially endless options to choose from, but we did our best to create an ideal dog collar. It’s both flexible and durable, keeping your pup both in control and in its element. Moreover, we have a lot of cute designs to pick from. What would your choice be?

Pet ID Tag

Who need the coolest dog gadgets if you can settle for a simple dog tag that will inadvertently make you chuckle everytime you see it.

Pet T-shirt

Who said that people should get all the fun of getting dressed? Create an eccentric, colorful wardrobe for your pet with the amazing T-shirts with statement prints from shatay.com!

Pet Tank

If you and your doggo prefer something practical, pay your attention to cool tank tops. Custom pet clothes are more than just good fashion, they’re also perfect for keeping your tiny (or not so tiny) friend warm. This pet tank is 100% cotton and safe to machine wash and comes in multiple sizes.

Pet Bandana

If your furry pet doesn’t favor getting dressed, there’s still a way to add some style to its appearance – a cute bandana! It looks awesome and doesn’t give your pet any new disturbing feelings.

Pet Bandana Collar

The pet bandana collar puts a fun spin on standard animal accessories and might be a more convenient option for active fellows than a simple bandana. The bandana collar is available in three sizes to fit any pet. The construction and printing is durable enough for machine washing.

 Pet Feeding Mat

If your pet always leaves a mess after feeding, there’s a good way to minimize it when it’s chow-time for your furry family. With a non-slip bottom design to keep it in place for even the most active of eaters and a foam-filled material that’s highly absorbent, these mats are bliss for any pet parent.

Pet Leash

Dress up daily walks with a cute & stylish pet leash! Comfortable for your pet to wear & easy for you to hold.


Of course, the list of pet owners’ must-haves can be endless, but we believe that with these items, your pets will become even happier. If you want to treat them some more, feel free to visit our store and check other great pet supplies.
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